Friday, December 21, 2012

B-Haus Christmas Party 12-20-12

These pictures significe the importance of putting ourselves up behind immaturity...

These boys never gave themselves hesitations as they let themselves hanging out with us-gays...
They have proven us that life is just balance no matter what...

You guys are the best!!!


Oh look at that, i can't imagine myself drinking liquor more than a bottle.
but see, i'd made it!!!!!


and the best photo we have!
happy faces - captured

See you next time!


  1. I must say "Gays" are the best of the best persons I know in this are you, Gan!

    These pics show how ecstatic we were that night! looking forward for further 'kulit' moments with all of u..

    ......Happy Holidays!!! xoxo

  2. We will surely miss what we've freakin' shared that night, laughing altogether, damn shouting...awesome...

    I do appreciate that compliment Yhan!
    let me tell you this... Words + Act = Good person with a big heart and that is YOU!

    "we're so lucky to have you in our lives." - your friends


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